From the Previous Owner:
Dear I'm Yours Customers,
I am so happy to announce that Linda and Mark Ehler have taken the torch and plan on keeping the tradition of quality and adorable designs on t-shirts for your young customers. I know they are capable of taking the company to a new level. They have years of experience in business, they have children, and they love our concept of traditional, age appropraite designs for all occasions.Soon your favorite designs will be available! Check out the new website at Linda has "lots of energy and ideas" so keep in touch and let her know what you need.
Missing all of you, Susan Curry

We are pleased to announce we are the new owners of I’m Yours, Inc., Linda and Mark Ehler. We are very excited to plunge into this new journey! We have been actively involved in a family owned and operated business environment for many years. We hope to bring new energy and creativity to your favorite traditional designs, as well as, grow with some styles of our own. We plan to stay competitive with market prices while still offering you a personal experience when reaching out to our team. We invite you to take this journey with us! We would love to get to know your company and provide you with new and exciting merchandise. We are looking forward to a growing business relationship!
Linda and Mark Ehler



I'm Yours, Inc.
2301 W. HWY 290
Giddings, TX. 78942

Our Phone: 979-540-2000

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Our Open Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm

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